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For fast-
acting relief,
try slowing


Located just moments from Bondi’s famous beaches lies Slow House - a restoration experience dedicated to those who wish to slow down and recharge.

Slow House lives by the mantras of slow living - a lifestyle choice devoted to living in a more balanced, meaningful, and life-affirming way, making conscious everyday decisions to help decelerate modern life.

Slow House was developed on the foundation that you don’t have anything to give that you don’t already have. Primarily, you need to keep yourself full so that you can present the best version of yourself.

A reflection of Roman bathing culture, Slow House is be the centralisation of socialisation, remedy and tranquillity. A place where you can actively detoxify and take time for yourself, or with friends, just a stone’s throw from your home.

Slow House offers a laid back space with an indulgent edge, providing alternative healing holistic therapies for those who seek both spiritual and physical harmony.



I am taking a slower approach to aspects of everyday life. I feel honoured, tranquil and balanced.

I do define what is important to me.

I love being present.

I speak with purpose and intention.

I see others rest, restore and re-energise, and follow.

I understand that busyness is a choice.

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